4 Seemingly Trivial Things You Didn’t Realize Are Ruining Your Sleep

How often do you hear or read that it is absolutely essential for each one of us to get at least a good six hours of undisturbed sleep. However, how often do we actually manage get that many hours of sleep? Moreover, how many of us even manage to get a good stretch of undisturbed sleep? You may say that you’ve been doing everything right- right from staying away from caffeine to following a healthy diet. However, what if it’s not you; it’s the things around you? Yep, the seemingly innocent and trivial details could be doing a lot more damage than could ever anticipate.

  • Staying online late in the night

This has become more than just a habit now. Internet has taken center-stage in our lives, to the point where staying stuck to the computer from sundown to sunrise is a lifestyle thing. For one, the brightness of the computer or the cellphone stimulates the brain, which in turn makes you feel wide awake at a time when your body needs to shut down for the day. Moreover, the more you read on the computer the more you think, and the more you think, the more stress you cause your mind and body. Just disconnect yourself from the world every day for a bit.

  • Any sign of brightness in the room

A completely darkened room tops the list of ideal requirements for the perfect sleep. Even the slightest hint of light can shoo precious sleep away into oblivion. When bedtime is nearing, every source of light should be blocked. This involves the cellphone, the alarm clock, the streetlight and any fancy lights. If you’re in the habit of waking up in the middle of the night (which, ideally, you shouldn’t), then go for extremely dim and mellow floor-lights. Keep the gadgets and electronics away; television, computer and laptops etc. are a strict no-no. Use thick curtains to block the outside light.

  • The bed

Not many pay attention to the importance of the quality of bed. However, so much depends on the material of the beddings, the thickness of mattress and pillow. In fact, the wrong choice of bedding could do quite a number on your health. Oh and sleeping on the couch or bare floor does not count as ‘good sleep place’ at all. When buying the mattress you have to remember that the same mattress doesn’t offer the same amount of comfort to everyone. Check the support. Can you get off the bed easily? In addition, pay attention to the materials used for the pillow cases, duvet covers and bedspreads. Satin or organic materials are usually perfect, as they’re soft and delicate on the skin too. When it comes to fabrics for the bed, take into consideration factors like thread count, fabric finish, fiber content and the like.

  • Staying awake in bed

This happens with all of us, we’re all cleaned up and ready to jump into bed, waiting to embrace peaceful slumber, when sleep is the last thing to happen. When sleep becomes elusive, commonsense dictates that you in stay bed, count sheep, listen to music, or just stare at the ceiling. While it may work eventually, it’s better if you get off the bed, go to the living room, watch some TV or read a book, exhaust yourself and then come to bed when your eyes feel heavy. This way, your brain associates your bed only with sleep, as opposed to wasting time. So, in the long run, you’ll fall asleep faster when you hit the bed.

The trick is to take away as many distractions and activity from your bedroom as possible. The more you associate with its real purpose, the better sleep you have and the lesser the zombie you are next morning. And the best part is that it’s not even too difficult to make these little but healthy lifestyle change!

Author Bio: Nancy Baker is a freelance blogger and an ace creative write with many years of experience writing for top blogs. Nancy has written on a myriad of topics and has written several posts for us.

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