4 Ways to Ease a Gout Pain

Gout is the painful form of arthritis that affects joints and feet; if proper health measures are not taken, it can damage the joints and kidney as well. Dietary factors, like alcohol and red meat can trigger gout pain and it can be cured with the following tips.


Once gout symptoms found, it is better to consult your doctor, who can prescribe the right medication. Allupurinol is one such drug that minimizes the amount of uric acid in blood. It is so powerful that it can prevent the reoccurrence of the gout attack. Probenecid is yet another medication that removes uric acid crystals effectively and quickly. It is suggested to take this drug, after consulting the doctor, as few experience slight pain in the stomach, while few may develop a skin irritation (rash) and rarely kidney stone, after taking it. NSAIDs, such as Advil can also deal with swelling and arthritis sting.

Stay Away from Aspirin!

Do not take aspirin as it responsible for gout; though it can reduce the risk of heart disease, but it is nowhere going to help cure gout attacks or pain. Yet another drug to avoid is diuretics that block the urination of acid from the kidneys. For lesser pain or occasional attacks, ibuprofen or Tylenol is ideal for gout prone. Before taking up any of the above drugs, you should consult your health care provider. The main aim of these medications is to lower the impact of gout attack, making the pain less severe or prevent getting it again.

Avoid Food Items with High Purine Content

Though no particular diet reduces the risk of gout, the lack of nutritional item is the maincausebehind gout attacks. Make sure not to consume food items that are rich in purines, like seafood, meat organs, and red meat. It’s suggested to avoid alcohol during this phase for better and faster relieve. The intake of whole grain breads and low-fat dairy items could be beneficial. Beans and dark leafy veggies should be avoided.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking sufficient amount of water can help in diluting the uric acid level. Many doctors prescribe to drink plenty of water during gout attack for the same reason. Dehydration causes many ill health problems, including gout. Plan to sip 8 glasses of water, if you’ve any other risk factors, to flush out toxins from the body and keep the uric acid levels at a healthy point. Juices (low sugar), such as lemon juice, berries, cherries are best.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Find out your BMI to determine whether or not you’re leading a healthy weight. If you’re obese, take natural ways, such as exercise, yoga to reduce weight. Never opt for crash weight losing programs; though it makes you shed pounds at faster rate, it comes with added side effects. Talk to your doctor, who can help you maintain a healthy weight, keeping the uric acid levels low.

Self Help is the Best Help!

Change your diet program, if you’re unable to control purine content, and reduce level of uric acids in body. To relieve inflammation and stiffness, stretch out joints and muscles, within limits two times a day.

In this way, you can have better blood flow that reduces discomfort and tenderness.

Author Bio – Leer Cello is a healthcare professional, who loves writing articles related to health, food, etc. More Gout symptoms, cure, treatments can be found at http://goutsymptomsguide.org.

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