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5 Bad Things About Permanent Makeup You Need To Know

A lot of people are turning to permanent makeup these days even though it comes with some risks. Do you have any idea what kinds of things could go wrong? If you’re thinking about having something done you should know what you might expect, so we’ll take a look at everything right now. When you’re dealing with skin you have to be careful because you don’t want to do anything that might ruin your appearance.

Beware horrible infections

I hope you understand permanent makeup carries the same risks as regular tattoos. You don’t know if the ink they’re using is full of bacteria that is hard to treat. You don’t know if the needles they’re using have been sterilized properly. Every invasive procedure you put yourself through could end up causing you a lot of pain. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have anything done, but you need to be aware of the risks before you make up your mind.

Cheap doesn’t mean good

If you find a great deal when you’re out shopping it’s cause for celebration because saving money is a good thing, but that only applies when you’re buying physical products. Would you honestly trust someone if they offered you financial advice for a few dollars? The same thing applies when you’re asking someone to stick a needle inside you. If something seems too good to be true it usually is, so unless the person offering you a great deal is a friend you should turn around and walk away.

Stick to natural

Everyone likes to try new things when they put on makeup, but you won’t want to stick to the same style forever. Can you imagine having green eyebrows tattooed onto your head only to decide you want to go with purple instead? Once you get permanent makeup on your skin it won’t come off without a fight and tattoo removal is very expensive. If you stick to natural-looking makeup you won’t regret anything a few years from now.

You could end up lumpy

There is a slight chance you could suffer an allergic reaction to the inks. This wouldn’t normally be a problem because you could avoid anything you were allergic to, but once you’ve been tattooed the ink will live underneath your skin and there is no escaping it. It would provide a constant source of itchiness and inflammation. You should definitely find out if you’re allergic to their ink before you make anything permanent because you might get a lucky escape.

Your makeup will fade away

Look at anyone with old tattoos and you’ll see they’re not as fresh-looking as they used to be. Time eventually takes its toll and your permanent makeup will look like your normal makeup after you’ve slept in it. Luckily this won’t happen straight away and your new look will last you a long time. Once you’ve had your work done you might need to go back to get it touched up, but after that you can forget about it for a while.

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