5 Common Self Defence Mistakes To Avoid

Whilst it is true that learning an effective form of self-defence can really save your life, there are some classic mistakes that can also put your life in serious danger. The whole point behind learning a self-defence system is to improve your self-confidence and increase your awareness to obvious danger in your vicinity. Quite often you can avoid these by using common sense and ensuring that you don’t frequent places that pose such a risk. But if you are required to use your self-defence in anger, you had better avoid these following bloopers.

Be Aware Of The Situation Before it Happens

No matter where you happen to be, always keep your ears and eyes open to potential danger. Sometimes you can get away from these hazards well before anything kicks off and even the most skilled of self-defence practitioners would prefer to be somewhere else if they can. If you see somebody who looks or acts in a strange matter, ensure that you don’t let them out of your view.

Forgetting To Look For a Weapon

We’re not suggesting that you constantly sweep the scene for something to use, but once you are sure that all hell may break loose, use your brain first. There is usually something that can be used to diffuse a situation, Your potential aggressor would much rather take on somebody without a dangerous object to hand. Something as innocuous as a sauce bottle or a chair may be enough to diffuse the situation nicely. But be ready to use it if the need arises, usually a simple attack stance with the object in your grip will send all but the most determined bad boy heading for the hills.

Letting The Aggressor Strike First

It’s not the Queensberry rules and you really need to forget about being mister nice guy here. If you are certain that the other fellow is about to throw some shapes in your direction, get one in first. Quite often, a little jab between the eyes is enough to stop the fight before it really starts. Even a nice shin kick can be enough to change their mind about who the victim really is here.

Backing Off Before You Should

So many self-defence practitioners lose the initiative after striking a decent blow, and they back off. This can be a mistake because the aggressor could be ready for more, and then some! If you manage to defend yourself in a convincing way, either leave the scene or follow-up immediately. You don’t have to land a lethal blow, just let them know that you have plenty of good stuff left in the tank.

Complicated Moves Instead of Basic Techniques

Forget about the movies, Jean Claude Van Damme isn’t really that good, in fact nobody is! Stick with your basic drills and you will not go far wrong. By over-complicating your attack/defence techniques, you’ll be risking an embarrassing and painful result. Aim low and use a decent amount of force and you will be golden, forget the TKD spinning kicks, they really belong in the dojo and nowhere else.

Common Sense

But to be totally honest, the best form of defence is to get the heck away from the scene, it works every time and you’ll always live to tell the tale.

Author Bio: Nancy Baker is a freelance blogger and an ace creative write with many years of experience writing for top blogs. Nancy has written on a myriad of topics and has written several posts for us.

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