5 Cool Ways To Change Habits That Will Improve Your Life

If you were to sit down and think about something you wanted to change about yourself there’s a good chance it would be a habit. A few people would like to change the way they look which could mean a very expensive trip to the shop. Another few people would like to change the way they think, but that’s 100% mental and very hard for anyone. Everyone realizes a habit is the easiest thing to change because you just need to stop/start doing something. Some of it is definitely mental, but for the most part it’s physical so we can actually see it.

There’s different ways you can break a habit and they all have varying degrees of success. It also depends on the person and some won’t work for a huge amount of people, whereas it could work in a day for others. There’s people out there who can decide to quit smoking and just stop. Not everyone is going to be so lucky and that’s why you need to prepare yourself with a few techniques you can try. We should talk about some of them now and whatever it is you want to stop/start can get underway tomorrow morning.

The first two minutes

There’s something magical about the first two minutes of anything you do. After two minutes it doesn’t matter how you were feeling before you did something, you always feel fine. As an example, just imagine you wanted to go to the gym but couldn’t be bothered. Tell yourself you will only go for the first two minutes then come home. After you have done one exercise you will be a changed person and ready to get on with the session.

Little steps in the beginning

You might decide you never want to smoke in your life again because you’re sick and tired of having stained teeth. You wouldn’t want to stop straight away. You could, but you shouldn’t. Only some people will ever succeed doing it that way. An easier thing would be to smoke one less cigarette each day for a week. At the start of the next week you can keep doing it and eventually you won’t be smoking anything.

Don’t think about it

Try to do something and it’s easy until you start thinking about it. That’s when you realize your laziness to start something is purely a mental thing. One of the easiest ways to cut that out is by not thinking about what you want to do. If you’re meant to be studying you might start thinking it’s a better idea to watch TV. Well just shut off the voice inside your head and walk to the library before you know what’s happening.

Occupy your mind

When you don’t want to do something the worst thing you can ever do is sit and think about it. When your friends asks you to go drinking you maybe say no because you don’t want to get drunk again. Well sitting on the couch and trying to imagine the time you’re missing out on will make you want to get dressed and go out. If you were to do something like going to the gym your mind wouldn’t even think about sitting in the bar.

Find a replacement

Here is a good technique that lots of people use to overcome bad habits they have, but it only works if you give it time. You might think it’s crazy to chew some gum instead of smoking a fat cigar, but when you’re brain starts to reprogram itself it could be the stick of gum you are reaching for in a few weeks. It’s the same when you stop drinking alcohol. You need to find a new drink to replace it with and then give your mind time to stop craving the beer.

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