5 Great Exercises People Completely Ignore Even Though They Shouldn’t

Some exercises are great and people don’t even use them. I’ve talked about what they are in case anyone wants to add them into their routine.

Some exercises are a lot more popular than others. Usually most people get it right and the popular exercises are the best ones you should do, but there are a few others that get completely forgotten about. Take a look at some of these relatively unused exercises and decide if you would like to add them into your routine.

Single-leg hip extensions

If you walk into the free weights bay in almost any gym you’ll see countless young guys banging out bench presses and dumbbell curls. The reason these are so popular is because people want to look good in a t-shirt, but I bet you would love if a member of the opposite sex said you looked great in a pair of jeans. It’s puzzling why single-leg hip extensions aren’t more popular because they’ll build you a nice ass, plus it’s also very beneficial to have a hip extension exercises in your routine.

Rear delt raises

Your delts are the most important muscles you should be working on if you want to change your appearance because big shoulders will make you look like you train. The shoulder press is a popular exercises, but nearly everyone forgets there are three deltoid heads. Doing lots of shoulder presses will beef up the front of your shoulders, but you still need to hit the rear delts. If you want aesthetically pleasing shoulders you should incorporate rear delt raises into your routine.

Chin ups

It’s hard to perform a full chin up and it’s easy to skip them out completely. Why would you bother learning how to do chin ups when you could throw lat pulldowns into your routine instead? Don’t take the easy way out because everyone should be able to do chin ups. Even if you find them difficult there are ways you can build up to a full rep. Once you have the strength to carry out 3 sets of 10 when you’re hanging from a bar you’ll have a great-looking back.

Bulgarian split squats

There are hundreds of different ways you can train your legs. The leg press machine is definitely the easiest option you can go for. Squats are the ultimate leg exercises and if you love free weights you will have them in your routine. Do you notice anything similar about both exercises? You work both your legs at the same time, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as you also perform a unilateral leg exercise too. Bulgarian split squats are great because they’ll improve your balance as well as your legs.

Farmer walks

Picking up something heavy and walking around with it is a great test of strength. It also comes in very handy in the real world. Think back to a time where you’ve walked around an airport with heavy suitcases in each hand and you’ll know what I mean. Farmer walks are the ultimate pick-something-heavy-up-and-walk-with-it exercise and you’ll love it. You will also end up with a strong upper-back and an unbreakable grip.

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