5 Martial Arts That Could Save Your Life If You Get Attacked On The Street

When you’re at home it’s easier to defend yourself from an attacker. You can lock the doors and call the police. If you have a firearm in the house it might scare someone away when they see it in your hand. If you get attacked on the street it’s a different matter, so we’re going to look at some martial arts you can learn if you want to defend yourself.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is what you get when kickboxing and street fighting have a baby. The reason why it’s more beneficial than kickboxing is because you don’t get a lot of space to kick someone when they attack you down a dark alley. Muay Thai will teach you how to fight with your elbows and knees and it’s very easy to throw them around in tight spaces. Hitting an attacker over the head with an elbow is nearly the same as hitting them over the head with a hammer, so you can stun them long enough to run away.


Aikido is one of the most popular martial arts in Japan and even if you’ve never heard of it before I bet you’ve seen Steven Seagal throwing some moves around. There are a few striking moves in Aikido, but the real power comes from using an attacker’s own momentum against them. As soon as someone tries to attack you it’s possible to step out of the way and use their momentum to throw them to the ground. This will obviously give you a few seconds to run away before they can get back up.

Wing Chun

Wing Chun gets an honorable mention because it’s the fighting style Bruce Lee tweaked and perfected so he could beat his competition. If it was good enough for Bruce Lee it should be good enough for anyone because that guy was a legend. It’s a good way to fend off attackers because you’ll learn to block them with one hand while throwing rapid punches to their sternum or solar plexus. If you can throw multiple punches before your attacker has a chance to respond you’ll have time to get away.


Jiu-jitsu is the only martial art on the list that includes a little bit of everything. You will learn how to strike someone when you’re standing up, but a lot of moves also happen when you’re on the ground. You might be wondering why you’d want to roll around on the ground with your attacker, but what if you’re already there because you got hit from behind? You should learn about ways to choke someone out in case it does happen. If you’re getting attacked you don’t need to let go a hold when they tap out.

Krav Maga

There is a reason why I didn’t mention Krav Maga until now. It’s the only one on the list where you don’t have to stick to specific rules, so when you’re learning how to fight you’ll be put in situations exactly like you’d face down a back alley. The trick is to use any means necessary to hurt your attacker and this includes attacking vulnerable body parts. It’s probably the best one you can learn if you can find a suitable teacher.

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