5 Mind-Blowing Benefits Of Same-Day Tooth Replacement

If you suffer from severe tooth loss or decay, dental implants may not be an option for you. Typically, around 20 percent of people who need implants are advised that they cannot have them due to a range of health factors. For instance, bone loss in the jaw cannot always be treated by transplanting bone due to health complications such as osteoporosis or diabetes. Today we will be looking at a relatively new, one-day procedure called All-on-4 ® and the surprising benefits that it offers.

#1. Suitable For Patients With Bone Loss
All-on-4 ® has a much higher success rate that other implant techniques even if the patient suffers from moderate to severe bone-loss in their jaw. The name of the procedure comes from the fact that it uses four titanium implants to secure an entire replacement set of teeth. These implants can be used even if bone is scarce in the jaw, thus eliminating the need for bone grafting.

#2. No Down Time
Compared with tradition implant techniques that call for bone grafting, All-on-4 ® takes literally one day to complete. This is all it takes to complete the surgery and the replacement of the fixed (non-removable) teeth. Patients who have had this procedure done are delighted to have immediate function in their teeth straight after surgery. This is an important consideration for people with busy work schedules who can’t afford to take a long time off work. Many dental implants techniques require multiple surgery sessions, especially where bone grafts are involved, and can take a year or more to complete.

#3. Get More Teeth Back
The decision between going for conventional implants or All-on-4 ® may boil down to cost as same-day teeth surgery works out at roughly half the cost of bone grafting and four or more implants. However, many patients are astounded to discover that they will also regain extra teeth with the one-day option. As All-on-4 ® is a complete replacement for all the teeth in the upper and/or lower set, patients receive the use of all their teeth, including molars that may not have been included in the quote for conventional implants. The prosthesis contains at least twelve teeth fixed to four titanium implants.

#4. Easier To Clean
As same-day tooth replacement gives you an entire new set of teeth, many patients have reported that they are easier to clean. Unlike individual implants which may be between or next to natural teeth, All-on-4 ® implants can be a complete replacement for all your teeth. Therefore, you do not need to apply special cleaning techniques to certain teeth (such as your natural teeth) which can be fiddly and difficult to do. Same-day replacement gives you a much simpler job of keeping your teeth clean.

#5. Less Prone To Breakage
According to cosmetic dentists offering the All-on-4 ® technique, they have a great deal of success aligning the posterior implants at 45 degrees to avoid compromising the sinus cavity and nerve canal in the upper jaw. Due to lower rates of complications, patients are less likely to touch or move the implants, compared with traditional implants.

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