5 Strength Training Principles Fighters Must Stick To At All Times

A lot of people train in martial arts, but they tackle strength training the wrong way. I’ve talked about a few things they should always remember when they want to get stronger.

Fighting isn’t just about throwing kicks and punches. You also need to be as strong as an ox, but most fighters get it completely wrong. Take a look at some of the big things you should keep in mind when you’re trying to get stronger and it will improve your chances of winning each fight.

Don’t try to build muscle

You must remember you’re not trying to build big muscles, so when you begin incorporating strength training into your routine you shouldn’t follow something Mr. Olympia would do. You will also need to lift fewer reps because if you creep above five it’s easy to grow provided you’re eating enough food. Anyone who decides to build a little muscle might find themselves getting slower, plus when you have to fight at a certain weight you will come up against guys who aren’t carrying extra water weight.

Different types of strength

There are a few different types of strength and you need to work on them all. The most obvious one is maximal strength which is how much weight you can lift for one rep. Lifting something too heavy won’t turn you into Arnold, but you shouldn’t do it every day. You also have to work on explosive strength because it’s vital you can hit someone as fast and as hard as possible. There are other things you can do like isometric training to build strength at certain body angles.

Train your whole body

Everyone who steps into the gym has their favorite muscles. A fighter doesn’t have the luxury of spending hours working on their t-shirt muscles. You need to focus on the muscles that will allow you to beat your next opponent, but you should also focus on the rest of your body too. Your body isn’t a separate group of muscles stuck together. It’s one unit and everything needs to work in unison. That means you’ll have to do some things you don’t like to do because of the painful involved.

You don’t have to lift weights

When was the last time you did anything to improve your strength that didn’t involve weights? I bet you’ve done a lot of bodyweight training, but the basic exercises probably don’t help you build strength anymore. You need to make them harder by tweaking each exercises. Those chin ups could turn into one-arm chin ups. Your press ups could turn into one-arm press ups. A lot of gymnastic moves will also build superior strength and if you don’t believe me you just need to look at a gymnast.

Incorporate flexibility training

Even though you’re trying to build strength you will want to be strong and flexible in certain positions. As someone who probably rolls around on the ground you never know what strange positions you’ll find yourself in. I guarantee you’ll not be happy if you only build strength pushing a bar away from your chest. One perfect exercise to use as an example is the overhead squat. If you can touch the ground when you squat with a bar above your head you can pat yourself on the back.

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