5 Ways to Help Your Kids Stay Fit and Active

As a parent, there are many ways to encourage habits that contribute to lifelong health. Some of your efforts should focus on making physical activity seem fun. According to the World Health Organization, almost 35 million obese children live in developing countries, and that alone should strongly suggest the need to help kids stay healthy by being active. Keep reading for five great suggestions.

Set Limits on Sedentary Activities

Some kids may have intentions of going outside to run around and play, but change their minds thanks to the lure of the Internet or a video game system. Try limiting how much time kids can spend doing sedentary things, and see if that naturally urges them to stay on the move. You might encounter some resistance at first, because change is hard for anyone to stomach. If they’re having trouble making the adjustment, think about buying a video game controller that requires players to move around and interact with a game. The kids will be burning calories without even realizing it.

Encourage Them to Take Part in Group Activities

Being active is often more enjoyable while in the company of others. Suggest that your kids join a sports team or try taking group dance lessons, especially if they’re constantly complaining about being bored and having nothing to do. Most sports and styles of dance are fantastic aerobic activities, and they also build strong muscles. When kids take up new hobbies, it’s usually easier for them to make new friends, too. If they notice how other young people are having a good time while staying active, that could help even the most reluctant youngsters eagerly don a sports uniform or dance leotard instead of getting engrossed in the latest episode of a popular television show.

Fit and Active

Turn Your Yard Into a Playground

Kids who habitually spend most of their time indoors sitting on the couch are more likely to need a compelling reason to change their ways. A trampoline is an appealing addition to any empty space in your yard. Many modern varieties are both safe and durable. To see some examples of the different sizes and features available online, click here. Also, think about purchasing game sets that allow kids to play golf, boccie, Frisbee or soccer at home.

Get a Dog

Pets help kids learn to be responsible, and if your household has a dog as a pet, think about letting kids take care of walking it regularly. Having a furry companion can make a child feel more excited about the task, and the thought of physical activity. Frequent exercise can also prevent your dog from developing bad habits.

Be a Good Example

If kids constantly see you sitting around and avoiding activity whenever possible, they’ll be more likely to follow that lead. Try to be particularly aware of how your actions influence the young people in your household, and always display an attitude that being active is enjoyable rather than a chore.

By trying these tips, you could give your kids the advantage of lifelong health and help them avoid chronic health problems too. Make the suggestions above a part of your household’s routine and look forward to noticeable results.

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