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5 Ways Women Can Have Stunning Legs When They Go Out At The Weekend

When you walk out of your front door at the weekend I bet you hope your legs look great. Why take the chance when there are plenty of techniques that will ensure they look great? Here are a few you can start using straight away and your legs will always look stunning.

A spray tan

Do you know why most people look gorgeous when they’re walking about on a beach somewhere? It’s because when someone has a tan they look a hundred times more attractive. If you want your legs to look great before a big night you just need to apply some spray tan. It will look like you’ve just come back from your holidays and your legs will be glowing all night. This is probably the easiest way to create the most dramatic effect possible in the shortest amount of time.

Don’t get bloated

If you step onto the scales at different times during the day you’ll notice you’re a slightly different weight. It’s impossible to put on that much fat or muscle in such a short period of time, so the only thing that changes is the amount of water you’re carrying. If your legs are carrying a lot of water they might start to look a little chubby, but don’t worry because it’s easily fixed. Stay away from salt and carbohydrates before a big night out and you’ll look great.

Lose the hair

When was the last time you went out with hairy legs? Probably never unless you’re one of those hippie chicks, but you can still get rid of the stubble before a night out because it can make a difference to the way your legs look. You should start using a depilatory cream straight after you’ve shaved because it will get rid of the unwanted hairs underneath your skin. This will make them look a lot smoother, so you can think of it as shaving on steroids.

Start squatting

If you build a little extra muscle your legs will look a thousand times better. I don’t want you to worry because you won’t wake up one morning looking like a man. Women don’t have very much testosterone anyway so it’s very hard for them to put on any muscle. If you start doing a few dozen squats every morning the only thing you’re going to end up with is tighter legs. Just make sure you don’t do them with any weight attached because it’s not needed when you just want to look good.

Drop some body fat

It might take you a few months to drop a considerable amount of body fat from your legs, but once the fat has gone there is no denying your pins will look great no matter what dress you’re wearing. The only way you can lose the fat from your legs is by eating less food, but before you start starving yourself you should remember one thing. If you lose weight too quickly you’ll just end up with marks because your skin isn’t elastic enough to lose weight at such a quick rate.

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