5 Workout Secrets for Success

When I decided to improve my health and appearance by committing to working out on a regular basis I was excited at first.  But as the weeks and months went slowly past, I became discouraged especially when I didn’t see results as quickly as I had hoped.  I wanted to get as much benefit from my routines as I could and learning some helpful secrets used by successful people who just wanted to get into better shape, just like me, helped me get through those times when I wanted to stay home rather than go work out.  Let me share five of my top secrets for workout success with you so you too can have a positive outcome like me.

  1. I had to be consistent.  I picked about the same time every day to work out and set my schedule so that I could fit exercise time into my agenda.  I started slow and added more reps as I got stronger and began to see some results.  I took only about twenty minutes a day to do some exercises and then increased the time that I worked out after I felt comfortable doing so.  I had to remember that I wasn’t going to be successful if I didn’t exercise consistently.
  2. I varied my routines so I wouldn’t lose interest.  I took some time to do strength training and then inserted some interval training where I just walked to keep my attitude positive and my heart rate up.  After that I did some cardio exercise which included dancing, walking, or running; it was my preference so I chose things that really got me up and moving especially to the music that I like.
  3. I set goals that I knew I should be able to reach.  It’s important to use common sense so I chose levels that I knew I’d have success with and a benchmark that wouldn’t cause me to become discouraged and stop exercising when I didn’t feel excited about it.
  4. Another smart thing that I did was pick a buddy with whom I like to spend time.  She helps to hold me accountable and can motivate me to get to the gym when I don’t feel like it.  We keep track of our progress and have become quite competitive in our exercise and healthy eating habits.
  5. I eat more healthy foods and make an effort to watch how much I consume before I exercise.  I have also done research on the types of foods that can enhance my workouts and am making progress in adding them to my diet. Someone at the gym told me about how good egg whites are, so I asked her, “Where can I buy egg whites?” Now I get them from a reputable company online and put them in a blender for example for a nice shake as I go out the door for the gym.  Just having a convenient way of eating healthy foods and snacks can really impact the results of my exercises.

These secrets have worked to keep me motivated about exercise and to develop good eating habits that enhance my work in the gym.  I’m beginning to feel better, look better, and even my attitude is becoming more positive as I retake control of my physical condition.

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