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7 Essential Tips for Taking the HCG Injections Yourself

HCG injections are a proven method of losing weight effectively by thousands of women across the U.S. over the last few decades. Even with many people questioning its ability to help in loss of weight, there have been many living examples of women who have lost weight rapidly, safely without gaining the lost weight back.

Proper Diet Holds the Key to Weight Loss Success

To be able to lose weight effectively with the HCG injection, experts recommend regular diet (with a strict intake of not more than 500 calories a day) and the need to exercise regularly. With all the three aspects in place, you are sure to see results very soon. The amazing part about taking HCG injection is that one does not feel the craving for food or hunger during the period of dosage.

Remember that several things can even out a Herpes outbreak, and you need to know the cure for Herpes Simplex, and make sure that anything in your daily lifestyle doesn’t trigger an outbreak. Coming back to the HCG treatments, an HCG injection helps retain the muscle weight and only sheds off the fat, which is why the weight loss is not gained back. The HCG injections must be taken only on prescription by an authorized doctor and can be either injected by the physician or you can do it yourself. Injecting yourself is not as difficult as it may seem besides being a cheaper option if you have mastered the art.

HCG injections produce hardly any tissue reaction therefore it can be painless if injected correctly. Here are a few simple tips on how HCG injections can be taken on your own:

  • Make sure you completely avoid creating a vacuum in the HCG bottle once you finish preparing the solution or after withdrawing the solution into the syringe. If you leave a vacuum there is a good chance that the perforated rubber cap could get sucked in contaminating the remaining solution.
  • Make sure you do not suck little pieces of rubber into the syringe. This can be easily avoided as when the syringe is pierced into the bottle, the little pieces of rubber that fall into the liquid are heavy and settle down at the bottom, they are clear black visible specs and can be avoided from drawing it in the syringe.
  • It is important that you use really fine needles in the injections. They should be just 2 inches in length and must be injected either in the upper arm, abdomen, hips or back.
  • If possible, the injection must be inserted right through the superficial fat layers that an obese patient may have so as to reach the muscle layers.
  • The dosages must be taken at least every 24 hours. Maintaining the same time of the day every day for your dosages is recommended and this way, it is easier to remember to take the injections.
  • The dosages must be taken exactly in the amount prescribed by your physician. Attempts to make the process economical by taking in large dosages in long intervals can produce little results.
  • The amazing feature of HCG injections is that it hardly has any contraindications therefore the injections can be taken even when infected with large wounds that are infected, during fractures, suppuration, surgery, use of anaesthesia. But do check with your physician when taking other allopathic medicines.

Disclaimer: These points are general directions and one must consult a physician regarding directions during the time of prescription.

Author Bio: Diana Francher is a weight loss specialist and a dietician who strongly recommends HCG injections and HCG diet plans for effective weight loss. Read more about treatment of herpes on http://cureforherpessimplex.com

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