All You Should Know Before Using Oxybol

Steroids have been used by athletes and bodybuilders for a varied range of needs, and despite all the health concerns and legal aspects, the popularity continues to rise. One of the names that you may hear commonly in the bodybuilding community is Oxymetholone. It is an anabolic androgenic steroid, which was made synthetically in a lab in 1960s. Today, it is among the Schedule III controlled substances and should be used only on prescription. However, you can still buy this steroid by other names, including Anadrol and Oxybol 50 mg, especially on the web.

The basics

Oxybol is a fast acting steroid, and if you read the reviews by other users, you will find that it has worked wonders for many, especially for the needs of body sculpting. It is not merely a strong steroid, but it is also a great choice for improving athletic performance.  Coming to the gains, it is best to first understand how Anadrol works for improving the performance of the athlete, while also protecting the joints. Basically, it tends to increase the oxygen production to the muscles, which leads to quite visible changes in the body. Also, it is known to improve the red blood cell count.

Getting the cycle right

Now, as with varied kinds of steroids, the cycle is essential for success with Oxybol. Initially, one can start with a dosage of 50 mg per day weekly which can be then extended to 75 mg daily for the second week. In the third week, you can go up to 100 mg per day. There are other cycles, as well, but you need to research well before you can get started. Keep in mind that every steroid comes with a list of side effects, and therefore, you should decide accordingly. Do not try to increase the cycle for more than six to eight weeks, which can lead to massive side effects. If you have any doubts, read the kind of details and reviews that other users have to say, so that you can avoid a few mistakes on the cycle.

Oxybol is a great steroid for sure, but again, you will have to buy it online, thanks to the legal aspect. Make sure that you are choosing the right website for buying the products, because the quality and overall genuineness of the steroid also has a big say, and if needed, don’t miss on seeking details from other fellow bodybuilders.

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