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Are HCG Injections a Good Way to Shed Weight?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone found in the placenta of pregnant woman. It is present in the urine during pregnancy to regulate embryo growth and controls the levels or development of other hormones. Some weight loss centres and experts claim that HCG injections allow people to follow a low calorie diet, though it isn’t proved.

Not all diets need to be traditional, but when using HCG, you better be careful. There are millions of adults who are obese, and there are many drugs that drive an insatiable appetite. Though quick and easy to shed weight, not all medications are helpful. HCG diet is considered as either dangerous fraud or weight loss miracle that has seen surge in popularity recently. The plan blends injections or drops of HCG with just 500 calories a day.

Many people are convinced of its power and are willing to take syringe, while mainstream medical community and government calls it as a scam, as it does not contribute to long-term weight loss and is associated with health risks.

How Does It Work?

Practically, HCG suppresses hunger and triggers the body’s use of fat for energy. Most plans allow users to consume 500 calories every day, including unprocessed and organic food along with HCG serum drops or injections under the tongue. If the diet plan if followed for 45 days (one and half months) continually, dieters can lose several pounds every day, getting fixed on the metabolism, according to the ad. However, nutrition and diet experts say that weight loss is due to starvation or very low calorie diet, not solely due to HCG.

Effects of HCG

HCG can cause fluctuations in progesterone and estrogen, leading to formation of ovarian cysts. The concept behind the injections or drops is that hormone lets the body to access fat stores faster than normal. People tend to lose body fat instead of losing muscle mass and bone mass. HCG drops minimize appetite, ensuring that fat is burnt in place of muscle mass, while low calorie intake contributes weight loss. There are many medications springing up online; HCG-Injections.co is the seller of HCG products, where you can get 28-shot injection kit, lipotropic or cyanocobalamin combination kit. The cost of the diet can vary from £49.95 to £1000; it is ideal for those who go to surgeries for consultations and injections.

You should understand HCG drops to be effective; every synthetic method has its own advantages and disadvantages. It leaves no or little tissue reaction and when injected properly, it’s painless. Make use of fine needles for injections and do not try to give on superficial fat layers. Also, it should be given at intervals (once in a day) and longer dose in stretched interval can lead to less satisfactory outcomes.

Not Approved by FDA

It isn’t approved by FDA as weigh loss diet, but certified by them to treat infertility in both males and females.  Hence, it is suggested to meet your doctor before taking up the HCG diet plan. Successful weight loss is all about adoption of healthy lifestyle and balancing right nutritional diet with exercise.

Author Bio – This post has been contributed by Peter Pitt, who is a diet specialist and knows what type of medications and perceptions works in the UK.

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