Beauty Is Definitely in the EYE of the Beholder

Eyelid surgery is becoming increasingly popular in the modern day and age, and one of the most common reasons many people choose this form of surgery is because of their eyelids drooping. Eyelid surgery, often referred to as blepharoplasty, typically removes any excess skin around the eyelids, and also tightens the entire area. The end result is a far more youthful and alert looking appearance. There are even instances where this type of surgery can dramatically improve your eyesight, as often your view can be obstructed by your eyelids drooping in a certain way. This post investigates eyelid surgery in a little more detail.

What You Can Expect

Eyelid surgery typically involves removing muscle, excess skin and occasionally fat from both the lower and upper eyelid areas. With that being said, it really does depend on how severe your issue is, as often only the excess skin is removed. More often than not, most patients only generally require skin to be removed from either the upper or lower eyelid area, although once again depending on the severity of your individual case, you may find that skin is removed from both above and below. Surgery to the upper eyelid is usually called an “eye lift” and this involves lifting the margin of the upper eyelid, which has probably been weighed down due to excess skin.

Admittedly, eyelid surgery is a cosmetic procedure, and therefore hardly ever completed for medical reasons. This is simply a way for people to improve their appearance and feel more confident about their facial features. However, as we age and become older, usually both the upper and lower eyelid areas can become baggy and begin to droop. You may even have noticed that your eyebrows start to droop as you become older. The muscles of the eyelids begin to get weaker, pockets of fat tend to become more noticeable, and the skin around the eyelid area becomes stretched. Believe it or not this may be a condition that is hereditary, which means that various other members of your family may have suffered as well.

Who Is Eyelid Surgery For?

Eyelid surgery may not be suitable for everyone, but if you would like to find out more you should schedule an appointment with an eye doctor. Your initial consultation involves the doctor providing an evaluation, and deciding whether your eyelids may be at fault for any medical condition you may be suffering from. If there are no medical implications you can still discuss eyelid surgery with your doctor for cosmetic purposes.

As mentioned, you may wish to have eyelid surgery if you have excessive dropping and sagging in this area. You should also be aware that certain medical conditions, such as an eye allergy, may be the cause of sagging skin, and this is why it is always important to be evaluated by a doctor first. You should also be wary and control your overall expectations, as some people believe that they are going to look many years younger, and regain their appearance from their youth. However, by simply having eyelid surgery you won’t be reversing the aging process, and therefore you may need to undergo surgery again in years to come.

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