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Bodybuilding and Your Skin

Generally people tend to get into bodybuilding because they think it will improve their body and give them larger muscles, less body fat and generally a more powerful and toned physique.

However what many new beginners don’t realise is that bodybuilding is good for much more than just your skin – and that it actually will completely transform your life. It’s time to get ready for some pretty big changes, because bodybuilding is going to change things about you that you would never expect. And that includes your skin…

Read on to find out how bodybuilding can impact your complexion and what you need to do to be ready for the changes…


One of the first ways that bodybuilding can change your skin is by affecting your hormones. This can actually lead to negative changes for your skin, as your body will product more testosterone as a result of your increased exercise. In fact you may even decide to increase the amount of testosterone in your body by consuming prohormones, in which case you can expect negative changes in your skin to be even more pronounced.

Bear in mind that it’s an increase in testosterone that actually makes teenagers commonly spotty – so you might see some significant changes if you aren’t careful. Limit the effects by making sure to eat the right diet and not supplementing with testosterone unless you absolutely have to.


If you work out a lot, then you are going to sweat a lot – it’s an unfortunate correlation but one that is unavoidable. This can then have all kinds of negative impacts on your skin, causing rashes, spots and grease.

The big problems though will only start if you ignore that sweat and don’t deal with it right away. Instead then you should make sure to hit the shower straight after your gym sessions, and to manage your sweat in the meantime by using talcum powder and other methods to reduce the amount you create. Wearing tank tops also helps as they allow the armpits to breathe at least.

Stretch Marks

Another negative impact that bodybuilding can have on your skin is that it might cause stretch marks. Much as people who are overweight and then lose a lot often need <a href=””>skin care</a> to remove stretch marks, so too do people who suddenly gain a lot of muscle mass.

The answer? Try to gain your muscle in a gradual and sustainable way. This is one important reason not to use illegal supplements – the sudden change in shape they trigger can place a strain on your body.

Skin Tone

We’ve seen some negatives here of bodybuilding on your skin, but there are definitely positives too. For one, bodybuilding will help you to get more blood and oxygen around your body which will in turn help to give you a more even skin tone. Blotchy skin is often a result of being overweight and placing too much strain on your heart.

At the same time, as a bodybuilder you should be getting lots of protein, vitamins and minerals, all of which will contribute to a healthy and good-looking skin.

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