Buying Clenbuterol in Canada and USA

What is Clenbuterol? Are you looking for a fa burning supplement to get in shape? Well, the answer to this is Clenbuterol. It’s features that make it a wonder drug is its fat burning ability, suppresses appetite and food cravings, increases body’s metabolism rate, balances moods and results in good muscle mass and strength. Hence, it is very popular among athletes and body builders and not to forget many celebrities have also used it to get a toned physique.

Buying Clenbuterol in Canada

Buying Clenbuterol is legal in Both Canada and the USA. However, it is no easy to buy in any pharmacy store. Though it is not easily available, it is not illegal to procure it from other countries as it is not a scheduled drug in Canada and it can be purchased on a prescription. The only place it can be found is Veterinaries, where Clenbuterol, called as Ventipulmin Syrup, is used for horses as bronchodilator.

The reason behind this status of buying Clenbuterol in Canada is because of its negative publicity as anabolic steroid and as a drug used for enhancing performance. People also know that it is very famous among athletes, body builders and celebrities and more number of women uses Clenbuterol in Canada compared to men.
Another well-known weight loss supplement is Ephedrine which works similar to Clenbuterol but is available without a prescription.

The most effective way to buy Clenbuterol in Canada without a prescription is online. It can be bought from a number of anabolic steroid suppliers online and the best one is Research Chemical Lab. One can advise them that it is bought for the purpose of research. There is no law to prohibit buying Clenbuterol from other countries.

Most Canadians buy Clenbuterol in tablet form in doses of .002mg or 0.04mg. Else, they buy 0.016mg/g of Ventipulmin Syrup that is used to feed horses.

Buying Clenbuterol in USA:

Clenbuterol is used in USA due to its thermogenic and anti-catabolic effect which raises the body’s temperature and results in burning fat.

Though some websites consider it to be illegal, Clenbuterol is legal to buy in USA and is not a controlled substance. Clenbuterol has been banned by FDA to be consumed by humans but it can still be purchased and possessed. It can be purchased online through many websites easily.

There are pills and liquid form of Clenbuterol available online. Tablets contain pure ingredients and are much cheaper. They also come in perfect dose which makes it easier to consume.

Liquid Clen can be bought much easily compared to tablets as it is widely available. Hence, most people also buy it from research companies which produce it for research purposes. These are produced in spray form also. However, the disadvantage with this is that different companies produce it with different ingredients as this is for feeding horses and so the dose varies.

In USA, Clenbuterol can be brought as a chemical without a prescription. So, look for companies or online stores and pharmacies within the country to avoid the hassles with packaging.

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