Cordyceps Sinensis extract – Enormous health benefits

Asian and Chinese medicine had been used Cordyceps Sinensis extract to improve general health and the benefits of Cordyceps Sinensis are quite impressive. It is otherwise called “caterpillar fungus” which is commonly mistaken as mushroom, but it is actually a parasitic fungus originated from Tibet and China. When the moth caterpillars are attacked by the fungus infection with spores first fall then germinate over the winter season. The spring completely kills the fungus and mummifies it. Then the caterpillar grows and produces a long fruiting body. This fruiting body is encompassed by the remains of fungus and caterpillar which are then collected, dried and preserved, used as an herbal medicine.

Health benefits of Cordyceps Sinensis Extract

  • It promotes overall vitality and longevity. It helps to slow down the natural aging process and escalates the users with stamina.
  • Physical energy and endurance are preserved by Cordyceps. This is usually recommended for athletes to strengthen the respiratory system which increases oxygen supply and make the sportsperson with full power and stamina.
  • Libido among both men and women increase with Cordyceps. It offsets the erectile dysfunction in male and strengthens the reproductive organs of women
  • It acts as a diuretic prevents excessive toxins from the body thus induces renal strength.
  • Sinensis extract plays a vital role in antibody production thus shields the body from illness and infection by boosting immunity. Respiratory dysfunction, common cough, and cold are treated by this miracle supplement.

Diabetic Patients with C. Sinensis

  1. Sinensis helps both diabetic and pre-diabetic patients by controlling high blood sugar levels. Blood sugar metabolism is improved by Cordyceps and enhances the insulin sensitivity. The positive impact on fats within the blood stream is acquired by its anti-oxidant properties. Due to its natural property, there will not be any side effects produced by C. Sinensis.

Preventing Cancer:  

Cancer is a crucial disease which may affect any parts of the body and lots of people still struggling against cancer by adopting surgeries and therapies. These cancerous people are haunting for credible solutions. It has been clinically found that consumption of Cordyceps Sinensis reduces the tumor size. It shrinks the tumor and slows down the spread. This is combined with antioxidant activity that helps to reduce the free radical damage throughout the body. Anti-tumor extract present in the Cordyceps inhibits the abnormal cancer cells growth. Thus such wonderful C. Sinensis extract Activates anticancer mechanisms intensively and saves many souls.

Active nutritional components

The presence of Vitamins B complex, Vitamin E, K, Minerals such as Potassium, Iron, Calcium and magnesium, Proteins and enzymes with essential amino acids are essential for the perfect activity of a body. The cordycepin acid present in the C. Sinensis acts as a powerful antioxidant helps to promote metabolic activity.


Improves Memory

Loss of free radicals is the prime reason for the neuron cells death and loss of memory. Cordyceps hunt the free radical to save back and help in anti-oxidant activities.

Since C. Sinensis has the power of boosting immune system it should be avoided among the people who suffer from Autoimmune disorder, Multiple sclerosis, Rheumatoid arthritis etc., Since C. Sinensis property Activates anticancer mechanisms, a mass cancerous people adopt this natural supplement to prevent from medicinal side effects

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