Do Duromine alternatives really work?

Duromine is one of the best appetite suppressants, but you can only get it with prescription. This is why people look for alternatives. People also want alternatives because they don’t have as much of side effects like the real products do. It is also not available in many countries – you can find it in places like New Zealand and Australia. So, people living in a place where Duromine is not available or if they cannot buy it with prescription, they should opt for such alternatives.

Options for Duromine Alternatives

Duromine contains Phentermine as the main ingredient and it is prescribed by doctors for up to 12 week time. Phentermine is one of the amphetamines and that means it has addictive qualities and can stress your heart if used for a long time. In an overall, it is better to opt for alternative appetite suppressant and some of the best types are:

  • Phen 375
  • Phen Q
  • PhenRx

Know more about the products in details below:

  1. Phen 375

When you look for an over-the-counter product like Duromine, the first you should think of is Phen 375. You can get this dietary supplement without prescription, and it is also a ‘natural alternative’ to the drug. The alternative helps you suppress appetite and it is a common choice for weight loss. The drug is made with good quality and with natural ingredients like cayenne pepper, caffeine powder, L-Carnitine, citrus aurantium and coleus forskolii root PE. You don’t deplete your energy levels with this drug, and the production is done is USA so you will get it greatly available. It is also an FDA-approved drug alternative.

  1. PhenQ

PhenQ is another alternative that you can buy without prescription. The drug helps speed up your metabolism rate and burns fat easily. It also suppresses appetite and enhances energy levels. PhenQ stands out among the other option because it improves your mood and prevents mood swings that happen with lesser calorie intake. PhenQ is also approved by FDA.

  1. Phenrx

Phenrx is produced by Nexgen Biolabs and it is one of the herbal alternatives to Duromine. Duromine is known to stimulate neurotransmitters and suppress hunger. It works by stimulating our thyroid and influence metabolism. You will experience higher energy and boost mental clarity and focus.

Cost of Duromine Alternatives

You would be happy to know that the alternatives of Duromine are cost effective than the original ones that you’d have to buy it with prescription. The supply of one month would be around $70 if you buy PhenQ. The cost of actual drug is around $110 for 30 capsules.

You must note that all herbal alternatives, as they say, might not be 100% herbal. For example, the Lazarus Labs produce Phentermin-D with the intention to be as strong as the over-the-counter products. This product had replaced the all-herbal Phentramin. However, this also works like how Phentermine originally does. We would ask you to stick to buying the alternative appetite suppressant as they would yield you better results.

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