Does your diet affect the health of your hair?

A healthy head of hair offers more than just cosmetic benefits; it’s also a good marker of overall health. The adage of “you are what you eat” is reflected in many ways and as hair is essentially a living tissue it can also reflect the state of your health. Dull, lifeless, brittle hair can be indicative of a poor diet, whilst glossy, shiny hair can reflect a diet filled with nutritious and healthy foods. Experts now agree that a balanced diet is a major influencing factor in hair health and with the right mix of nutrients you can improve the look, feel and overall health of your hair.

Hair loss and diet

There are many factors that can influence hair loss, and everything from hormones to medication can cause hair to fall out at an accelerated rate. Certain factors cannot be prevented and although scientists are one step closer to treating male-pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia there is still no known cure. However, hair loss caused by poor diet is reversible and a lifestyle change could have a huge impact on hair loss that is related to vitamin or nutrient deficiency.

The typical diet of an adult is generally high in fat, salt and animal proteins, all of which can contribute to poor health overall and potentially result in hair loss. Unfortunately due to the fast pace of a modern lifestyle a large amount of food consumed is low in vitamins, and vitamin deficiency is far more common than it was in the past. Hair loss caused by stress can also be related to diet, and a poor diet can be exacerbated by stress or stress related illnesses such as Trichotillomania which sees the affected person pulling out clumps of hair. Extreme weight loss or a change of diet can also contribute to hair loss and usually occurs within 3 months of a drastic alternation to your eating plan.

Keeping your hair healthy

Adding nutrients to your hair from the outside is a great idea and many products from brands like wella treat hair whilst styling it. Healthy hair will absorb product properly and the benefits of a good hair care regime should never be underestimated as it can contribute to maintaining hair that is in the resting phase and extend the time period between breakages. However it is essential that your hair is healthy from the inside too.

Attaining healthy hair from the inside is simple and by maintaining a balanced diet filled with vitamins and minerals you can transform your locks. Dull, brittle and dry hair is a sign of a diet low in iron and by upping your nutrient intake you will notice a result within a few weeks. Hair is made of protein and too little protein can damage your hair and affect the body’s ability to build new follicles. A diet that is high in protein is essential to the health of your hair and ensures continued growth and repair of your crowning glory.

Your hair is an outward reflection of your health and to keep it in optimum condition a balanced diet and a good hair care regime is essential.

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