Don’t Miss These Basic Aspects About Dental Implants

Replacing lost tooth/teeth is more than important, not just for the perfect smile, but also for comfortable eating. Even a few decades back, most people relied on dentures, which were clumsy and very uncomfortable to say the least. Bridges were the next best alternative, but that meant brushing or roofing the adjacent teeth. Thankfully, we have dental implants now, which are better than most other tooth restorative options.

What are dental implants?

Implants are replacement tooth roots, which are fused to the jawbone. These are made of titanium and are perfect for using replacement false teeth. Once fixed, implants can last a lifetime, without basic dental care. Also, these are perfect for most people, barring a few exceptions. Unless you have diabetes or are a heavy smoker, you can consider this option safely. The procedure is not that complicated, and contrary to what people believe, it’s not as painful as tooth extraction.

What’s the procedure?

Firstly, you need to find a known clinic like centre d’implant St-Onge for the procedure. Make sure that the dentist is experienced and well-famed for his work. Next, you need to take an appointment with the concerned dentist, who will check the condition of your gums before deciding on the procedure. He may suggest a few tests before starting the treatment. During the treatment, the replacement tooth roots will be placed in the sockets of lost tooth, following which a gap of six to twelve is given to heal the gums. Once the implants are ready, the dentist will then place something known as a teeth abutment, which will help in fixing the replacement tooth to the implant. He will also check the impressions of your tooth and order for replacement teeth/tooth, so as to match with the look and color of your natural teeth.

Other facts that matter

The procedure of getting implants is simple and is done under local anesthesia. Any person, regardless of age, can get a dental implant, and you don’t need to worry about tooth decay and cavities anymore. The costs are not very high but are not covered under insurance in general. Keep in mind that the success of all dental procedures depend on the performing dentist, and therefore, don’t compromise on this aspect.

Also, you can check online to find dental clinics in your area, and since the procedure may need a few appointments, choose something that’s closer to your workplace or home.

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