Down In the Dumps? Here’s Some Great Ways to Relieve Tension

Sometimes, life can get you down and no matter what you do to try and turn things around, you just can’t shift the blues. However, if you don’t do anything about it, simply feeling bad one minute can lead to crippling depression the next. If you want to avoid spiraling down then you need to take matters into your own hands, and this means getting into action. Of all the suggested cures for the blues, exercise nearly always comes top of the list. Could it be that you just need to get your body into action in order to make your mind feel better? If you feel like exercise would help you but you don’t know where to start, then read our handy article for some great suggestions:


There is nothing like some fresh air to make you feel better about your life. Going for a run is completely free and you don’t need anything other than a decent pair of running shoes and perhaps a personal stereo to pump feel-good music into your ears as you run. Any sort of aerobic exercise such as running will get your heart pumping and it won’t be long before those happy hormones start getting released and sent all around your body. While you are out running, try to take in as many sights and sounds as you can – observe the power of nature. Really try and push yourself too as the further you run, the more you will feel that you have achieved.


Swimming is a very relaxing form of exercise as not only does it get your heart pumping, it also tones and relieves your body. Let the water support you as you carry out gentle exercise. Set yourself a target for a certain amount of lengths of the pool, and make sure you reward yourself afterwards for a job well done. There is something about being in water that is very calming so your mind will feel restored. The other benefit to swimming is that your mobile phone will be nowhere near you so you will be able to indulge yourself without any interruption at all – it’s a great way of getting away from life’s hassles.

Martial Arts

Sometimes there is nothing better than taking your frustration out on an inanimate object! Taking up any form of martial art not only helps to keep you fit and toned – it also gives you an outlet for your frustration. If you are not sure which martial arts to pick, then a good idea would be to try a mixed martial arts training course so you learn a little bit about each different one. You’ll get plenty of chance to lay into a punch bag, and you can pretend it is anyone you like!

It’s really important to release your tension when you are feeling miserable, angry or sad. Exercise is a really great way of allowing your body to process the tension, and there is no doubt that you will feel a million times better afterwards. Give it a go!

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