Four Exercise Bike Workout Tips for Newbies

The benefits of aerobic exercise like stationary bike are many; it helps you not only shed pounds, but also help you fight against stress and anxiety. The Best Recumbent Exercise Bike can surpass even treadmills in terms of result. The low impact exercise cause less stress on your joints and knees. You don’t have to ride the bikes outdoor on sunny days, instead be at home or gym to ride and get maximum benefits.

Here are some tips to boost your exercise routine and enhance the level of health. You can find many types of stationary bikes and all are useful when utilized in the right way. These are helpful to recover from illness or injury and preferred by those who want to exercise at low intensity and low impact joint movement. Moreover, the injury can be healed faster with the help of some resistance workout, as it stimulates the growth of hormone production. With the right model, workout position, you’re sure to have a great time with the workout.

Knowing the Workout Basics

Basically, there are 2 types of stationery bikes –

  • High-Intensity Interval Training, and
  • Moderate cycling.

The first one requires 1-min vigorous pace interval and 4-min moderate pace interval to be completed at 80-90% of maximum effort. The breathing and heart beating rate would be increased at faster pace and is a great choice for those want to burn maximum amount of fat. The later is simply peddling at 65-70% of max effort; though the breathing and heart rate would be increased, you can still have a conversation with your fellow mate.

Maintaining the Proper Position

Before proceeding to cycling, ensure that your seat is positioned correctly, allowing your feet to tough the pedals with ease. Adjust the handlebar, so that the weight is evenly distributed between your posterior and arms.

Not all bikes come have the same measured seats; when you climb onto bike at home or gym, adjust the seat, so that it fits you. If the seat is kept too high, you won’t be able to exercise as efficiently, flexibly as you could generally do. The improperly adjusted seats can cause unnecessary stress and tire on your joints.

Targeting Belly Fat

Belly is the main part of the body that consumes too much of fat; with the right bike and correct position, you can get you to your goal. You need to push yourself to get the best outcome. The fat-blasting stationery bike is considered to be hard training regimen and hence check with your physician before getting one.

Do Intervals

Quickly rotate the pedals to strengthen your leg muscles; don’t try too soon or too long that can increase the risk of injury. Try riding a bike for ten to fifteen minutes initially and then increase the count slowly.

Make 1-hour workout at an average pace on alternate days and then 30-min speedy workout on remaining 3 days. Watch TV or listen to songs to help fully recover from week’s workouts. Stay hydrated, drink green tea to boost your energy and stamina.

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