Four Fantastic Reasons to Try Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a natural form of medication that originated in China. It has been around for many centuries, and there is proof that acupuncture can work for a number of ailments, although it is still surrounded in mystery. With that being said, many people are still highly cynical about acupuncture and the effects it can have on both the mind and body. The actual procedure involves inserting extremely thin needles into various parts of the body in order to stimulate certain healing capabilities of the body. Acupuncture is most commonly used to help people overcome, or in some cases completely cure, any physical or mentally-related health issues. This post introduces you to a number of reasons to try acupuncture.

Pain Relief

Acupuncture is very often used on people who complain of pain. It is said that acupuncture increases the body’s production of endorphins, the body’s natural source of feel good chemicals. Acupuncture is used during pain relief to help the impulses of the nerves to return to normal, thus meaning that you are unlikely to feel pain again. This is because the points of the body the needles are inserted into are connected to the central nervous system, thus alleviating pain.


Acupuncture is often used on those recovering from addictions, such as drugs and alcohol. The main way in which this is achieved is by helping to both control and reduce the withdrawal symptoms people typically feel. Acupuncture also helps patients to relax, which in turn can soothe away any stress or tension they may be feeling. Acupuncture has such a good reputation when it comes to addiction and drug withdrawal that it is actually recommended by many clinics as an integral part of a recovery program.


The main reason we suffer from allergies is because our immune system reacts to certain substances. For some people these substances cause no problems whatsoever, whereas for others, they have great difficulty in dealing with them. Allergies are commonly caused by a variety of environmental factors, which include dust, pollen and chemicals. Many people also suffer with food allergies, such as milk, wheat, etc. The reactions that people have to allergies can be very different, but are mainly seen in the form of runny and watery eyes, runny nose, and sneezing. However, some allergies sufferers have far more serious reactions, such as joint pain, heart and kidney problems, diabetes and even depression. Acupuncture can help to strengthen the immune system, whilst also helping the body to detoxify, thus flushing out many harmful toxins from the body.


The menopause typically has a wide variety of symptoms, which include sweating, hot flushes, heart palpitations, mood swings, depression and insomnia

. According to Chinese medicine, this is because the body’s Yin is out of balance. With that being said, there are also other symptoms which are said to be caused because the Yang is imbalanced. These symptoms include, water retention, weight gain, indigestion, etc. By leaving these conditions untreated things simply get worse and there are many more symptoms which are associated with the menopause. However, by using the correct system of acupuncture you have the opportunity to once again restore your Ying and Yang into perfect balance.

Author Bio: The author of this post, Jack Smith, is a freelance blogger who enjoys writing on topics pertaining to health and wellness online. He is associated with Venus Victoria, a spa providing acupuncture therapy in Etobicoke. His hobbies include trekking and photography.

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