Health Cover for Over 65s Made Easy

The older you get, the more and more essential it becomes for you to find a comprehensive and all-around excellent health insurance. This is especially the case if you’re planning to truly enjoy the leisure time that your retirement has afforded you by hitting the road. Over 65s face a number of very real risks when they travel and so having the best healthcare becomes even more necessary in these situations.

Imagine yourself truly capitalising on your retirement by packing up a suitcase full of your favourite clothes and travelling to one of your favourite destinations. You might choose to travel either with your partner, with a friend, or solo. You could find yourself standing on a cruise ship looking out over the rippling ocean. Or perhaps you might want to travel to the Grand Canyon and watch the red desert sprawl out before you. Maybe you even want to use your retirement to explore the foothills of the Himalayas and then tackle the great looming Mount Everest itself.

All of these sound like amazing ideas, don’t they? You can probably imagine yourself in the many of these situations, smiling, your face turned joyously into the wind. But while travelling might have an evergreen appeal, particularly for those who have retired, there is one huge, huge potential catch that many Brits forget about: the need to ensure that your insurance coverage is airtight. If this isn’t taken care of, then your dream trip to India, China, Indonesia, America, Italy, Greece, or wherever else your dream destination happens to be could very well go belly-up in no time.

The Difficulties Associated with Selecting a Health Cover

The reason why most British travellers display such an incredibly lax attitude towards health insurance is that they’ve become accustomed to the National Health Service. As you probably know, the NHS is an enviable healthcare system that entitles every citizen to treatment regardless of whether or not he or she can afford the out of pocket costs. For those who live in the UK, this system often makes so much sense that they can’t imagine any system overseas that differs from it. But you need only look as far as the United States of America to realise that not every country has a healthcare system in place that rivals the NHS and entitles each citizen to affordable healthcare.

Note also the use of the word “citizen”. In Britain, the NHS covers you because you live here, you pay taxes here, and you are therefore entitled to a certain degree of protection from the government when it comes to your healthcare. When you travel, however, you find yourself in an odd position. You’re not a citizen of your host country so any protections they happen to have in place won’t extend to you, nor does the British government offer healthcare services to citizens who are abroad.

In other words, once you are overseas, you’re on your own. All of your healthcare expenses will be coming out of your own pocket and they’ll need to be paid upfront if you want to receive treatment. For many people who don’t have bottomless pockets, this can often be a very tricky and unpleasant situation to navigate. It often winds up putting both individuals who haven’t planned ahead and their families into significant debt.

To summarise, when you travel, unlike when you’re at home, you are not covered by the National Health Service as you are in England. If you happen to get sick, you are therefore not entitled to healthcare and will have to cover all of your costs from out of your own pocket unless you’re adequately insured. It sounds like a nightmare situation, doesn’t it? Absolutely nobody wants to find himself or herself overseas, ill, and unable to attend to his or her health due to the exorbitant price of health care in a foreign country.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition as many over 65s do, this possibility is even more of a reality and you’ll need to take your health insurance needs more seriously.

But selecting a health and travel insurer isn’t an easy process, especially when you have pre-existing conditions that need to be accounted for or are traveling with a partner who has pre-existing health conditions. In fact, these days there are so many companies flooding the market with information that it can seem quite daunting to make a choice. It often appears to be extremely difficult to determine which company is truly the best for your needs.

How to Simplify the Process

Thankfully, new and innovative technologies that were designed with customers’ needs in mind are simplifying this process. Over 65s travel insurance comparison from Medical Travel Compared is one such technology.

This extremely handy travel comparison makes a difficult process easy for customers and saves them plenty of precious time. Instead of having to call each and every insurer, get them to send you quotes, and then read through the information and struggle to compare them yourself – a process which is often frustrating given the sheer number of factors that need to be compared – customers now have a one-stop shop.

Yes, that’s right. The brilliant travel insurance comparison allows you to instantly compare quotes from different insurers. Making use of handy tables and other formatting tricks, each insurer’s information appears in a way that makes comparing and contrasting easier than ever.

What Are You Waiting for?

Traveling is one of the best and most popular ways to enjoy your retirement but it is essential that you get comprehensive health cover before you embark on an overseas adventure. Use a handy travel insurance comparison to simplify this process so that you can get jet-setting as soon as possible without any associated fear and anxiety about your health and what may happen to it while you’re frolicking about in your dream destination.

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