How To Go Green When Choosing A Swim Spa In Australia

Swim spas provide anyone with a fun way to exercise within the privacy of their own home or garden. Swimming is an excellent form of daily exercise as it has little to no impact on your joints and therefore does not pose the same potential risk of injury as other forms of exercise such as jogging or running. While getting in shape is universally recognized as a worthwhile pursuit, what if you are concerned about your environmental impact as well? Here are five tips for going green when choosing a swim spa in Australia.

Tip #1. Look For The Energy Rating Label
According to the Australian government’s Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism, the only thing that energy-conscious consumers need to look at when shopping for a new spa is the official Energy Rating label. This label enables anyone to compare the energy efficiency of different spas on a fair and equitable basis. Give any spa without this label a wide berth.

Tip #2. Look For Spa Covers With A High R-Value
Spa covers with a high R-value are the best way to conserve heat in a swim spa and thus save energy. There is no such thing as a ‘free’ spa cover, despite the fraudulent claims made by many salespersons. All swim spas should come with a cover and failing to use a spa cover will invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty on most models. Your focus should be on finding the spa cover with the highest R-value to conserve heat and reduce the cost of running the swim spa.

Tip #3. Prioritize Quality Over Quantity
Quality swim spas typically rely on three jets of water to provide a current against which the swimmer can move. There is no correlation between a swim spa’s jet count and its effectiveness. What matters is the quality of the plumbing and orientation of the jets. Spas claiming to offer a better swimming experience with many low-quality jets actually provide less thrust and use more energy due to the large, inefficient motors used to overcome friction loss. Always checked trusted consumer review sites for information about which brands of swim spas have the lowest number of warranty claims. This indicates that their build quality is higher.

Tip #4. Ignore Gimmicks
Some swim spa manufacturers boast that their cabinets are ‘fully-foamed’ meaning that the sides are sealed with polyurethane spray insulation. While cabinets with foam insulation are energy efficient, heat rises and therefore most of a swim spa’s heat loss occurs through the top cover, not the sides of the spa. In fact, while roto-molded spas could benefit from a foamed cabinet, large acrylic swim spas would not derive much benefit from this. Acrylic swim spas with an insulated shell and cabinet would be able to confine and recycle waste heat from the pump motor more efficiently.

Tip #5. Look For Hybrid Technology
Just as with cars, hybrid technology such as Hybrid Spa Technology™, is the most realistic way of saving energy when using a swim spa. Hybrid systems operate the electronic controller, filtration pump and gas heat cell heating system together to use a lower level of power consumption. When you do not need the spa, a hybrid system will increase the pump speed only when heating is required. This type of ‘multi-speed’ filtration system means that you can benefit from lower energy bills.

If you are looking for swim spas for sale, keep these five tips in mind if you want to be kind on the environment as well as your body. What do you think of our tips? Let us know in the comments section below.

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