Incorporate Bodyweight Exercises Into Your Routine If You Want To Build More Muscle

When people talk about building muscle they are usually referring to lifting weights, but there are other ways to build muscle. The only reason people think you must lift heavy barbells to build muscle is because it’s what they’ve been told their entire life. They think bodyweight moves are only good for getting fit, but that isn’t true. It’s not just newbies that can build muscle using bodyweight moves and we’re going to look at how you can do it too.

Manipulate weight distribution

If you can do 100 press ups you might decide they’re worthless. It’s not like you can build more muscle by trying to do 200 press ups. But what if you manipulated your weight distribution? Instead of doing normal press ups you could do one-handed press ups. You would be lifting all your bodyweight with one arm, but because most of your weight was on one side of your body the move would be even tougher. If one-handed press ups became easy you could lift your legs off the ground.

Add more weight

There is also the option of adding more weight, but you could do it without using proper weights. If you do chin ups in your basement you could wear a heavy backpack while doing them. If you wanted to increase the difficulty of pistol squats you could hold something heavy in your hand. You can even make press ups harder by getting someone to sit on your back. By adding more weight and manipulating your weight distribution you can make any bodyweight exercise more difficult.

Lots of benefits

You might be wondering why you would want to do bodyweight exercises when you could just lift weights in the gym. What about those times when you don’t have access to a gym? You might be working out of town and you don’t have any other choice. Maybe you just can’t be bothered to drive to the gym all the time. You don’t need to stop lifting weights, but you can incorporate bodyweight exercises into your schedule.

The people who will benefit more are the ones who don’t want to go to the gym. Bodyweight exercises can be done outdoors which means you can build a great body without being stuck inside. They are also free because you don’t need any equipment. A hanging tree branch and a large rock will cover most exercises. If you enjoyed bodyweight exercises more than lifting barbells you could invest in a set of gymnastic rings and weight vest at a later date.

You will put on muscle

If you want to get bigger you just need to put enough stress on your muscles. 3 sets of 10 will let you grow as long as you’re struggling on the last few reps. It doesn’t matter if you’re lifting a bar or your body. If you want to become a bodybuilder I’d definitely stick to the weights, but nearly everyone else will be able to put on a decent amount of weight using nothing but their body. You will also finally be in control on your body which is a nice feeling you’ve probably not experienced before.

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