Insight into the Causes on Lower Back and Chest Pain on Right Side

Lower back pain on right side is referred to as Sacro-Iliac pain in medical terms, and it is a common form of back problems owning to the modern lifestyle. There are several reasons that cause lower back right side pain. It may be tightening of spinal joints and pelvis getting out of balance that cause the terrible pain.

There’s a muscle named Quadratus Lumborum that runs right from base of ribs to top of the pelvis area, which can also develop trigger points. The main source of pain comes from Sacro-Iliac.

Pain Develops From…

Pain typically develops between pelvis and sacrum in the right side and causes lower back pain. There’s no disc for offering any kind of protection and people start experiencing the strains at their backs.

The joint moves deficiently, and in turn, causes the person to feel a sharp pain across the back. Trigger points are also known as tight knotted fibres of muscles that suspend pain away from spine.

Stretches for lower back pain are known to be highly effective in fighting pain, and easing the problem in due course of time.

The Sacro-Iliac Joint

Sacro-Iliac joint has no disc and it is more vulnerable to damage or strain. Pain radiates to the back due to tightened muscles as well as tightened ligament.

Cause of back pain will be mainly due to 4 factors and they are –

ü  joint movement,

ü  tight muscles,

ü  pelvic imbalance, and

ü  weak muscles.

And, most of the time, imbalance of pelvis causes lower back sprain in body

Investigating the Pain

Back pain should be investigated in a proper way to assure that there’s no underlying root cause to the problem. It has to be treated such that it does not develop any chronic problems later. People suffering from lower back pain should be as active as possible.

Having seen the causes of lower back pain, let’s move on to explore the causes of chest pain on the right side.

Chest Pain on the Right Side


If you are experiencing chest pain on right side, the first thing that makes you worry is the thought that it could be a heart attack. Pain in the chest at right area will affect all age groups. It can be sudden, intermittent, or erratic.

However, you should be more cautious if you experience pain in the right chest area, as it could be a serious cardiovascular issue. There are several reasons that can lead to pain.

Causes behind Pain

If you experience issues in digestive tract, you may also encounter few problems. Succumbing to the illness is also another reason for the pain in right chest area. If you have liver Inflammation or Hepatitis, chest pain is just a side effect.

When you see pleura getting inflamed, you can feel pain in the right area of chest. Pain may be due to pancreas or gall bladder malfunctioning.

Pain in right chest area may also be caused due to rib subluxation. It is where the ribs get displaced and you may experience pain that radiates from ribs to other areas. Pain may worsen by actions like leaning over.

Whatever the reason behind the pain is, if it is not treated quickly, lower back pain can become so severe that many even cause damage to your spinal cord. If your back pain doesn’t come down quickly, consult bone and joint specialist or orthopedic surgeon without wasting any further time.


Author Bio – Eleanor Marie is a physiotherapist in who regularly helps patients in fighting lower back pain through exercises like stretching.

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