Powerful and effective impacts of Anadrol on the users

Oxymetholone is a powerful oral anabolic steroid which first became available on the market in the 1960’s and sold under the trade names Androyd and Anadrol 50. Even today, the hormone Oxymetholone is generally known by the name “Anadrol” in most of the circles. This medication has got countless therapeutic benefits and the range of benefits comprised of treating osteoporosis, gastrointestinal diseases, anemia, chronic underweight diseases and fighting catabolic diseases of the patients. Today, this hormone has got approval in the US only for treating anemia besides muscle wasting illnesses like AIDS and HIV. This medication is a dihydrotestosterone derivative anabolic steroid which resembles methyldihydrotestosterone.

This medication has an excessively high anabolic rating which is considered three times more than testosterone and users usually take anadrol and test cycle for adding strength, bulk and mass. However, the androgenic rating of this compound is rather low. The impacts of this medication are undoubtedly stronger than other anabolic steroids. This is one among the leading mass building steroids which significantly boost your strength. Because of the powerful effects of this steroid, some people gain close to 20-30lbs in a little time of 4-6 weeks. This medication is a non-aromatizing compound and it is one among the few non-aromatizing compounds that are severely estrogenic.

Administering this medication

This medication has avigorous half-life of nearly 16 hours that require a daily administration of this compound. There are numerous men who find the dosage of 50mg daily a perfect dosage that they take for 4-6 weeks for producing phenomenal impacts. However, its usage shouldn’t exceed six weeks because of the hepatotoxic nature of the steroid. Users who need more of this compound and have managed to enjoy positive responses in their previous cycles means they were successful in controlling the side effects. A medical dosage ranges from 2.5mg thrice daily-30mg daily.

As this medication is generally produced in 50mg pills so bodybuilders and athletes consider 25-50mg daily a suitable dosage for a beginner. An intermediate user takes 50-100mg each day and advanced users take a higher dosage of 150mg daily though such a dosage may appear risky. This medication is high in strength and potency so a user hardly needs a dosage more than 50mg daily. Furthermore, according to studies, a dosage of 100mg is regarded more effective than 50mg dosage but if you take a dosage beyond 100mg then the impacts wouldn’t turn out to be more effectual.

Cycling this compound with testosterone

Testosterone is undoubtedly a vital portion of any compound. Users largely take anadrol and test cycle for promoting additional anabolic strength when you wish to bulk up and achieve gains. Users seldom use Anadrol with milder compounds such as an injectable Winstrol or Primobolan as the excessive strength of this compound will overshadow these milder drugs. This medication turns out to be more effectual when you stack it with other similar potent compounds taken for the purpose of bulking up. Another vital thing you should be conscious of is never cycling this compound with another oral compound asyou can never take two anabolic steroids orally together or one after another in a cycle.


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