Steroid Combinations that work Better

The proverb Unity is Strength has proved its value in the case of body builders who combine more than one steroids to attain massive gains. The process of body building is a long drawn one with various stages to cross. These are the bulking, cutting and strength phases. There are individual steroids for each of these processes. However, sometimes they combine 2 steroids which might give better results in a relatively short period of time. This is called stacking in the jargon of body builders and sometimes give double the benefits. Care should be taken when combining steroids as a symbiotic combination works wonders, when the same is not true, the opposite may result in invalidating all the good.

Stacking Symbiotic Steroids

Oxandrolone is an Androgenic Anabolic Steroid, available in the commercial name of Anavar. This is one of the derivatives of the hormone Testosterone. This 17-alpha methylated dihydrotestosterone is an orally active compound and hence available as tablets. This provides very high anabolic activity (muscle development) along with androgenic effects. Clenbuterol is a decongestant used in patients with breathing disorders. In the non-medical use, this acts as a fat burner and people use it to reduce body fat. This also has thermogenic effects which are the main reason it metabolizes fat. If one looks at the results of before and after one cycle of combination, one would be amazed see the strong and toned muscle which others might envy. This is where stacking steroids yield much better results than a single steroid use.

Watch out for Side effects

As everyone knows, using steroids may produce some unwanted ill effects. This is doubly so when stacking with steroids. Sometimes, combining 2 steroids may cancel the side effects of each other and may result in fewer side effects. This happens to be the case here also. Anavar being a strong androgen, it may result in women being sterilized and male like characteristics appearing in them. Men may experience priapism and increased libido. The ill effects of clenbuterol are also many and some of them are severe. Since this acts on the CNS, it can affect induce nervousness and light mindedness. It has an effect on the cholesterol level and hence may induce high blood pressure and can cause aortic stenosis (narrow blood vessel), both of which are nearly fatal. These side effects depend on largely on age, dosage and usage period. When limited to recommended dosage and periods, some of the effects may appear but once the drug is stopped, the side effects may also disappear.

Safe Dosage and Recommendations

It is better to know about a drug before taking it so as not to commit any mistakes or misunderstandings. It would be better if one consults a physician before its use and arrive at an optimal dose. It is recommended that one should start with aminimal dose and observe for any manifestation of the side effects. One should not get carried away by the results before and after one cycle but continue to monitor after this. Also, one should stick to the recommended dosages and never exceed the limit or use for long periods of time.


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