The Incredible Benefits Of Anavar For Women

If you are into bodybuilding, choosing the right steroid is extremely important. Almost all steroids have some sort of side-effects on the body, so you need to be optimal about your choice. Anavar, also known to many as Oxandrolone, is among the safest options in the market. In fact, it is extremely popular among female athletes and bodybuilders, owing to its effects. Here are some quick aspects about Anavar.

Quick fact sheet        

Anavar is successfully used by men, but since it is a gentle steroid, one may need large doses and more time to see substantial results. Increase in dosage can also increase the side effects. If you intend to use Anavar, it is best to understand the results and benefits in detail. Anavar is mainly used for cutting cycles, as it can help in maintaining lean tissue and maintaining metabolic activities. Frankly, this steroid is best suited for men in their dieting phase, while women are likely to see better results with tissue gains. If you are using Anavar for just gaining weight, you may not see dramatic results. However, the overall gain with this steroid will be just lean tissues, without any fat or water weight.

About using Anavar

In terms of dosage, Anavar use can vary, keeping individual cycles in mind. Women are known to be more sensitive to this steroid than men. Unlike females, males may need a significantly higher dose to see the same kind of results and side effects. If you are a man looking for bulking effects, you would need around about 80-100mg per day. Keeping the costs in mind, it might not seem to be the right choice. However, women usually use Anavar effectively for bulking as the dosage requirements are pretty limited. Women usually start with a smaller dose of 10 mg per day, which may be gradually increased to 20 mg, depending on expected results. Much like other steroids, it is important to consider the timing and dosage rightly.

While Anavar is a great choice for women, one must consider the side effects. You will find a lot of information on the web. Also, one must look for the right sources for procuring steroids, given that there are scam manufacturers around. Check online to buy Anavar without a prescription. If you have any health concern, talk to your trainer or other fellow bodybuilders to know their experience with this steroid.

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