Top 5 Reasons Why People Go Under The Knife

Back in the day, going to the cosmetic surgeon was a very big deal and the gossip mongers loved nothing more than to spread the word about who was having what done. Thankfully we have long since accepted this branch of medicine as a fact of everyday life. Over 14 million people in the USA were happy to pay for cosmetic surgery, and that figure looks to be even higher this year. But despite the idea that most cosmetic surgery patients are concerned with improving their looks, there are also a myriad of reasons why individuals have plastic surgery. This article takes a look at the 5 reasons for people to go under the knife.


When you think about the huge amount of car related accidents that happen every year, many of the victims will require some form of plastic surgery as part of the recovery process. An animal attack can easily scar the victim for life and the only hope of returning to some form of normality is by having a cosmetic procedure carried out. These people have suffered enough as a result of the accident so why should they need to be reminded every time that they look in a mirror?

Birth Defects

So many babies are born every day with some kind of birth defect. We’re talking about cleft palates, ear deformities and skeletal issues that happen all too frequently. These individuals deserve some help and that is exactly what is being offered by cosmetic surgery. Through no fault of their own, they will be seen as ‘different’ from the rest of their peers. Surely they should be helped by the marvels of modern reconstructive surgery. Reconstructive surgery can sometimes mean a lifetime of cosmetic procedures that will hopefully result in some kind of normality.


The cruellest of diseases often takes no prisoners and can leave a ravaged physical being behind in its wake. Something as devastating as a double mastectomy is often the only hope of surviving breast cancer. Plastic surgery offers a solution to the cancer survivor, something that they may well need to cope with the uncertain future that many cancer victims face. Often, the psychological impact of realising that you have lost the way that you used to look can be simply too much to deal with.

Weight Loss

Liposuction is a very popular surgery procedure and the resulting excess skin needs to be dealt with in most cases. Why should the patient be forced to deal with this uncomfortable and unsightly issue when plastic surgeon can help so well? Obesity always damages the body image and even removing that fat will leave a nasty reminder. A decent cosmetic surgeon can work wonders on loose skin and quite often you can’t even see the scars.

Self Image

Okay, the number one reason for plastic/cosmetic surgery is still the beautification of the face and body, is this any surprise? But surely having the option to raise your self-esteem and image is an option that most of us would take in a heartbeat. Not many of us are 100% happy with the way that we look and those who have the means to change this should be allowed that human right.

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