Why Everyone Should Learn Some Form of Self-Defence

It seems that every day you read about some poor individual who was mugged in the street for their iPhone or something equally as valuable. Many of these incidents actually happen in broad daylight and passers-by seem to cross the road rather than offer a helping hand. So perhaps it is time to ensure that all law abiding citizens take some form of self-defence system. As well as arming us with some type of capability that may deter an attacker, it also promotes confidence and usually increases our fitness levels. This article looks at the history of self-defence and discusses more features of this vital form of activity.

The History of Self-Defence

We’re not discussing the various forms of unarmed combat here, but the existence the actual recognition of the necessity to use some form of violence in retaliation to a threat or attack. Back in 1776 in the Declaration of Independence stated that every human being had the right to life. And this points towards being able to defend your life whenever deemed necessary. Over the last century it has been included in the human rights of every person on this planet.

The Functionality

Essentially, the law states that if you are being attacked in a violently physical manner, you are allowed to use appropriate force to nullify that attack. If anyone causes harm or death to their attacker in a way that displays self-defence, they should not be punished by law.

Myths and Truths

It must also be stated that although death as a result of appropriate means of self-defence can be excused by law, it should not be undertaken lightly and is not an automatic assumption. When these cases go to trial, the defendant needs to understand that the final decision can only be made by the jury.

It’s a Personal choice

Any form of self-defence is a life changing action and it means that you have had enough of being a victim. But this also means that you are agreeing to take physical action against those who mean to do you harm. You need to think hard about the ramifications of these actions and if you are ready and capable of altering your attitude accordingly.

Where To Start

Well, the good news is that there are many forms of self-defence and hundreds of thousands of individuals from all ages and genders are doing them happily right now! You can start a martial art if you like or simply go to a tailor made self-defence class in your local sports centre. If you decide to go down the martial arts route, think hard about how much time and commitment you can put in. It can take at least a year before you start to gain the skills that make most martial arts so effective. A bespoke self-defence course can teach you some basic drills that will start to be usable after as little as 4 or 5 lessons.

Ready To Defend?

The truth is that most of the people who learn some form of self-defence will never need it, but they will also learn about discipline, self-respect and get pretty fit into the bargain!

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