Why It Is A Great Opportunity For You To Work With Siberian Health

The Russian Healthcare industry is meant to be free and universal. However, the reality is remarkably different from the laws and commitments made to the people. People need to necessarily take medical insurance, wait long hours to get treatment and bribe doctors for better treatment. While the situation may be better in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the condition of the people in other places such as Penza province is significantly different.

Siberian Health was founded in 2009 as a representative of the Siberian Health Company (SHC). The SHC was founded in 1996 in Novosibirsk (Russia). The company is involved in production of a variety of bio-health supplements as well as cosmetics. The company uses the direct sales methodology to reach the maximum possible customers across the country. In addition, it is well established and well distributed across Russia and Czech Republic.

Being a consultant in a company such as Siberian Health is an immense opportunity since the company aims to ensure maximum possible earnings at all times. Siberian Health has a representative office in countries like Germany, Czech Republic, the USA and Bulgaria. Siberian health Consultants are present in these countries and have been very successful in countries like Russia, Ukraine, Tajikistan and other CIS countries.

Siberian Health offers two types of consultant opportunities –

  1. Business Part – One can be a consultant of the business part of Siberian Health when they have their own business or are entrepreneurial in nature. Individuals or teams can explore the opportunity of being a part of a fast growing organization. They would need to sign a registration agreement under which they are to meet certain requirements as set by the company.
  2. Start Up Part – In order to be a part of Siberian Health for personal use of products or to initiate work with the company, one can be a Consultant of the Start-Up Part. The registration agreement is the same as that for the business part.

Further, in order to become a consultant, one can either apply online or at the nearest registration centre in their country. While offline registration is fairly straightforward, for online registration as a Privileged Client, one would need to provide their identification details, agreement number and other contact details for placing the order. A privileged client is eligible for all the benefits of the loyalty club. They are, however, required to select or specify a sponsor before their registration.

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