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Women! Here Are Some Great Ways to Train Your Legs From Home

If you’re a woman and you want to develop the kinds of legs that you see in Hollywood movies, then you really need to be using resistance exercises to tone your muscles. Running and cycling alone won’t do it – sure these activities will help you to tone up to an extent, but either of these activities will only tone certain specific muscles in your legs and will completely ignore others. They’ll burn some fat as well yes, but then you can’t target fat and fat on the legs isn’t that much of a problem for most people anyway (and if it is then you probably have a pear-type body shape meaning your upper legs are going to generally be quite large unfortunately).

No, the secret is to use target resistance training to firm up your legs and give them that toned, sleek look. That way you can make a pair of long, thin legs look like they belong on a cat walk, while those with naturally larger thighs can end up looking like Beyonce.

That’s all find and well in the gym of course where you have machines like the hamstring curls and the leg extensions to use, but it’s a little harder when you’re stuck at home and have access to little or no training equipment. So how do you build fine legs if you don’t have gym access? Here’s some exercises you can use that will handle it for you.

One Legged Calf Raises

Calf raises in the gym involve first loading yourself with a whole load of weight on your shoulders then balancing on your toes on the edge of a slight raised platform. At home you of course will struggle to find this much weight, but if you use a step as your platform and take your bodyweight on just one foot then you will probably find that it’s enough. Place one hand on a railing to stabilise yourself and repeat for around 20 reps to build those calves right up.

Sissy Squats

Squatting is another thing that isn’t really that hard unless you have extra weight, while a one legged squat is a little too hard for most people. A sissy squat on the other hand though is easier to perform (if you balance yourself with a free hand again) but also much harder on your muscles. Again stand on tip-toes but this time squat while leaning backwards and pushing your knees out. Essentially you’ll look like you’re Neo dodging bullets in the Matrix – this also happens to be a great party trick if you can learn to balance while doing it.

Horse Stance

Another alternative to the squat is to try holding yourself in a low squatting position without moving up or down. This is called an isometric hold, and it will brilliantly build up stamina, strength and definition in your legs.

Hip Adductors

In the gym you squeeze pads between your legs in order to perform hip adductors which is a brilliant workout for your thighs and your hips. When you’re at home though you can do something similar simply by taking an exercise ball – or even just a football for that matter – and putting it between your legs to squeeze.

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