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Your Car Can Be Affected In the Same Way By the Sun as Your Skin

Most people are aware that the sun’s harmful UV rays can cause damage to the skin, but the exact same can actually be said for the paint on your car. The sun beating down on your paintwork can cause oxidation or even premature fading, which is why it is sensible to find a parking spot protected by the shade whenever you can. Unfortunately, the sun not only causes damage to the paint, but often the headlights and rubber trims as well. With that being said, there are certain maintenance procedures you can carry out to protect your car from the sun. This post introduces you to a number of tips to keep your car’s paintwork in great condition.


In much the same way as your own skin requires regular washing and bathing to remove the dirt you have attracted during the day, so does your car. Therefore it is important to wash your car on a regular basis. You should do this away from direct sunlight and require no more than a bucket of water, a soft cotton cloth or mitt, and a variety of car cleaning products. You may often find extremely tough and hard to remove deposits, typically splattered onto your car from driving around in various terrains, but please make sure you are careful not to scratch your car.


You should never forget to dry your car after you have washed it. Many people make the mistake of washing their car and then going straight out on the road and driving around. Unfortunately, this won’t do your car any good whatsoever. You should always take the time to dry your car after you have washed it, preferably with a cotton rag or chamois cloth. By taking the time to dry your car after it has been washed, you can ensure that the numerous mineral residues, typically left after washing and due to evaporation, can’t cause any damage to your car. This damage can actually be made far worse by driving around after washing on a hot day with the sun beating down.


Waxing your car is the best way to keep your paintwork intact and to ensure that your car looks almost new. The paintwork of your car is generally under attack from various chemical and natural pollutants throughout the day, but you can help to protect it by regularly waxing. The actual sheen from the wax also manages to stop dirt and grit sticking to the paintwork.

We are aware that direct sunlight can be extremely harmful to the paint on your car, and nowhere more so than the bonnet. However, by regularly washing, drying and waxing you can keep your car’s paintwork looking great and almost new. With that being said, the paintwork can still become damaged very easily and therefore you may need to seek out professional help. Depending on the make and model, and indeed the colour of your car you may find difficulties in obtaining the correct paint. However, there are many body shops which offer car colour matching to ensure that your vehicle looks brand new afterwards.

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